COVID-19 Initial Announcement

Like you, Progressive Promotions is taking steps to adapt to the global coronavirus outbreak and manage our staff and our business during this difficult time.

Here are some of the steps we’re currently taking:

Our staff has always had the ability to work remotely, so you can expect the same high quality of customer service and quick responsiveness that you depend on.

We are also working closely with both our domestic and international supply chains to keep updated inventory and ensure your orders are produced and delivered on time. We are committed to accommodating our clients’ changing event schedules and options. Your account manager is always available for updated information and help with orders.

The global impact of coronavirus has produced additional challenges. With employees around the globe switching from a daily commute to a work-from-home lifestyle, employee engagement just got a lot more complicated. How do you keep your employees feeling like part of the team when they’re alone at home? Many of our clients are creating work-from-home kits with branded supplies and morale-boosters like company apparel to keep their employees connected. Conference call backgrounds can help hide your at-home setup while reinforcing your brand and keeping your team’s messaging consistent.

Check out the double-sided home-office backdrop we just produced for a team at American Express Global Business Travel:

Your offices face similar challenges. Ensuring workplace safety means more today than it did a few short weeks ago. Products like cling-on Wash Your Hands reminders for office washrooms and break rooms, or individually personalized pens to reduce sharing have never been so relevant.

Protecting data in a home-and-office world is also a priority. Webcam covers, USB data blockers, and RFID protection items should all be part of your IT plan.

Progressive Promotions is here to help. Please let us know how we can support your departments, your employees, and your continued success in a changing economy.