Our Culture

Redefining promotional products takes a creative thinker
who has guts and a sense of humor.

That is the culture at Progressive Promotions.

Our core values accurately describe our commitment to our clients and each other. Our team members embody these values and when combined with their sense of humor and creative edge, they embody the highest order of PPI Perfection.

We're the adventurous type.

  • Corn maze outings
  • Vendor field trips
  • Company barbecues
  • Pizza & ice cream parties
  • Holiday dinner parties
  • Potlucks at the office
  • Charity walks & runs
  • Travel opportunities

University of Progressive Promotions

In addition to being a leader in our own right, we make sure that our team is also on the forefront of its craft.  To do that, we have created the University of Progressive Promotions (UPP).  UPP is ensures that our brand guardians are constantly sharpening their skill set throughout their time with us. UPP also engages our teams to focus on how to best address the needs of their clients.

PPAI Certifications

UPP provides a range of professional development programs that are as diverse as our office. Whether through workshops, seminars, mentoring, or certification, UPP continuously bolsters the competency and effectiveness of our employees. Whatever the case, UPP will enhance the professional acumen and help advance the career of all participants and, as a result, also advance the results of our clients’ programs and projects.