Sponsoring Mentorship

This year, PPI participated in the Senior Experience Program at the Academies @ Englewood, a high school that focuses on technologically based areas of study such as Law, IT, Engineering, Finance, and Bio-Medicine. Our hardworking intern was fantastic and last week, we were award with a plaque pictured above.  We are proud to make a difference in our surrounding community and thrilled to have been able to participate in this amazing program!

Mentorship Award
Mentorship Award

Our senior intern, Michelle worked with our VP of Operations and Finance and our Sales Support Manager. Michelle, who will be attending Montclair State University in the fall, learned to draft proposals, call vendors, obtain price quotes, and ultimately learn about the intricacies of the promotional products industry from top to bottom. Students in this program were tasked with writing a 10-page paper and creating a PowerPoint presentation outlining what they learned and providing information about the department in which they worked. Additionally, Michelle researched a topic of her choice, which was “How Companies Benefit from Promotional Product Over Paper/Media Advertising”. Michelle’s advice to anyone beginning this program in the fall is to “have patience and be dedicated to their internship”. Without the basic background knowledge of whatever business she was entering, Michelle would not have been nearly as successful over her year at PPI.

According to the award, “A great mentor is hard to find, difficult to part with, and impossible to forget”, which is what we try to accomplish here at PPI every day and especially through our PPI with a Purpose Initiative. One of our company’s core values is Teach and Be Taught. In addition to sharing our company’s best practices with Michelle, at PPI we also learned the importance of passing on what traits of a successful enterprise to younger generations so that they can learn to value at a young age what it takes to thrive in the business world. Michelle said, looking back on this experience, “One thing I definitely learned is that a business cannot be successful without a great team to help one another out.” Being able to share our expertise and experience with students in the local area is what we love about working in a close-knit and active community and is what we are all about at PPI. Thank you again, Academies @ Englewood!

More information about Michelle’s experience in this program, visit https://www.academies-englewood.org/seniorexperience and search her name under the Directory of Internships.