We’re in Rio!

For the Rio 2016 Olympics, our London office (Progressive Promotions Europe) is preparing gear for Team GB as well as pop-up shops throughout Rio.

Made in Brazil, the Bahia bands are a a traditional Brazilian wish bracelet which stand for ‘good fortune’, worn by the nations of the South American continent. Traditionally tied with three knots in order to express three wishes, Bahia bands are commonly worn on the wrist, but can likewise be draped proudly in public spaces which will create a colorful spectrum around the host city. Once the bands fall off, the wishes are then believed to come true!

Fans are encouraged to wear their Team GB Bahia bands this summer, whether they’re supporting the team in Brazil, the UK or across the world in an eye-catching show of support for the British athletes.

To learn more about Team GB and our Bahia Bands, click here.  Good luck to all the teams in Rio!