Grey Poupon Gravy Yacht

Delivering on our promise to provide creative campaigns that drive sales and advance our client’s brand, Progressive Promotions assisted in the launch of another successful marketing campaign. See how the PPI team met the challenge and provided a “winning” solution for Kraft Foods Grey Poupon consumers.

Grey Poupon Gravy Yacht


In September of 2012, Grey Poupon ended a long marketing hiatus with a brilliant social campaign called the Society of Good Taste in which Grey Poupon’s Facebook App reviewed applicants Facebook page and only admitted the most refined to into it’s Society of Good Taste (allowed to “Like” the page). Lucky members were rewarded with prizes to be reveled and claimed through out the next couple months.


To create and deliver a one-of-a-kind ceramic gravy yacht as one of the prizes for Grey Poupon’s campaign.


Progressive Promotions created a sleek yacht design for the campaign.


Gravy boats simply don’t cut the mustard when it comes to dijon gravy. Thus, was born the Gravy Yacht: a real, live, winnable dining piece from Grey Poupon.